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10th June 2013


Log Out of your TUMBLR!!
— Random Guy!!

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20th April 2013

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She was wearing a crop top and raging at Coachella, while I’m at work…

She was wearing a crop top and raging at Coachella, while I’m at work…

27th March 2013


Anonymous asked: Why are you sucha fucckin faggit

faggot* and there for by saying so, it means that I’m gay. And lets just speculate and say I am actually gay, even though I have a girlfriend. Does that mean you are against male homosexuals?

18th March 2013

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Anonymous asked: Can you post a picture of your gf?

this is her profile pic lol

5th March 2013


Anonymous asked: seriously how do you make friends when you go to cc. Like, not just at cc but outside of cc too. It seems like most people I see that go to community college go to parties or have some sort of social life but I'm the complete opposite. I don't even go out during the weekend and have no social life anymore. help me before I become schizophrenic

to be completely honest, all the friends I made in CC are not close friends. acquaintances at best. most my friends now have been the same since middle or high school. and I don’t party either :l At most I go out with some friends to food or play basketball with them. too occupied with school and work. its okay. you’ll have plenty of time to party and make friends post-CC. just focus on transferring first!

28th February 2013


Anonymous asked: hi, this is going to be random but I have no one else so I chose your tumblr. so recently my dad lost his job because he got really sick & so he was told to leave. Sucks cos it was a good job that paid real good money. Now I have the pressure to find a job to help out financially but cos of college i'm strugglin real bad already& I don't even have a job yet so I can't imagine how stressful it would be with both. I don't wanna tell my friends cos I don't want them to treat me any different, help?

Well,first I’m really sorry about your situation with your dad. And balancing school and work is extremely difficult, but with dedication to school, it can be done. Meaning actually spending time to do work on weekends and such (trust me I use to never do school work till sunday night). And why would your friends treat you different? If they were your true friends they would care and try to help you out and support you. So it’ll be tough, but I’m sure you’ll be able to do it. And for a job, I’d recommend a waiter/waitress job at a place in a wealthy area with lots of white people. They tip the best from what I’ve experienced :D Best of luck to you!

27th February 2013


Anonymous asked: is priscilla taiwanese? lol


25th February 2013

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That’s the name of my team I created for the adult basketball league known as XLeague. Its a private league based in East/Northern Los Angeles. We are currently 5-1 (2nd best record) and we have yet to play the team thats undefeated. I am not sure why I’m writing this. I’m so eager to play against them, but at the same time I kind of want to wait it out. Let the suspense milk in some more. Regardless, we have playoffs to go up against them. Yeah..just thoughts running around my head.

25th February 2013


graceunh-deactivated20140403 asked: just wondering, but what's "yating"? LOL

A name. A girl’s name. A girl’s Taiwanese name.

22nd February 2013


Anonymous asked: what does your life consist of?

In order

1) Friends and my little brother

2) Yating

3) Basketball (My league team HOOPLAHS [4-1 :D], my thursday night indoor session, and fantasy basketball league)

4) School

5) Gym

6) Work -_-

7) Snowboarding (unfortunately this year I haven’t had time)

But yeah as of now thats the order I would say.